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Our Story

Our story begins years ago, as the desire of two friends to make women's skin glowing and keep it youthful. Looking at the Immortelle plant and reading about it, we noticed how special and important it is when it comes to skin care.

The whole story begins right here in our area, in the town of Mostar. Just looking at the immortelle fields near this town answers the question of why we fell in love with immortelles and why we wanted so much to go on with our mission.

The fact that there is a flower that never fades in our area is unreal in itself. Why is it important? What is its story? Eternal youth is the answer to those questions. The secret of our skin's eternal youth has been kept forever. However, we found a recipe, a magic formula that we can't give you, but we can and we managed to turn it into the Alena Immortelle that is here for you.

What we can say that sets us apart from others is that we understand the importance of skin care and how important is the structure and composition of cosmetics used to treat the skin of the face and body. Therefore, we are happy to share with you that Alena Immortelle is the brand of natural cosmetics that is best for you. Basing our composition on the eternal Immortelle, we tried to create magic and we hope we succeeded. For you.